Over 200 LPs and over 200 GPs will convene in Geneva for the 2016 Investors’ Forum. This is the only event with a strict one-to-one ratio of LPs to GPs, assuring a distinct opportunity for influential investors to connect with Invest Europe member fund managers in a non-commercial environment.

For GPs:

  • The only event in Europe that delivers a one-to-one ratio of LPs and GPs with limited participation by intermediaries.
  • An Invest Europe member only event assuring the highest quality of fund manager peers in participation.
  • The latest updates and hard-hitting analysis of industry trends that you will not be able to gain at any other event.

For LPs:


  • Dedicated half-day LP-only session with a speaker faculty of fellow LPs, allowing for a candid discussion among your peers without commercial interruption from intermediaries or fund managers.
  • Meet prequalified fund managers. All GP attendees must be Invest Europe members and therefore are from vetted funds with a strong track record of at least one fund close.
  • Exclusive data driven presentations and analysis by industry leaders that you will not be able to gain at any other event.
  • There is a limited number of complimentary hotel rooms available for institutional investors. After conducting the due diligence process to determine if a registration qualifies for the complimentary institutional investor pass, approved registrants will have the opportunity to avail of the available rooms. This is on a space-available basis so please register early.