Product Manager

The 1DocWay Product team is building platforms that connect patients and physicians seamlessly using modern technology. By making our tools fast, secure and simple to use we ensure that technology does not get in the way of practicing medicine and providing care where it is most needed.

A core competency at 1DocWay is taking existing healthcare processes and introduce technolog and design innovation to introduce efficiencies, improve patient and provider experiences and achieve scalability. By bringing a fresh pair of eyes we are able to question how things have been done in healthcare for decades and build a better, faster wheel.

As a Product Manager at 1DocWay you will understand customer problems, learn about traditional and innovative healthcare practices across the industry, design and develop product features, flush out user stories and work closely with developers to see new features all the way through the product lifecycle till they come to life.

As an consultant or an FTE in this role, you will be expected to:

  • Develop new ideas for features that will add value to existing customers.
  • Work closely with our physician onboarding, clinic onboarding and customer success teams to derive insights about customer needs and internal process needs
  • Iterate on feature ideas in a rapid manner while collaborating with various internal and external stakeholders across the company
  • Work closely with developers to understand and overcome the technical challenges along the way
  • See quality releases shipped in a timely manner

Why this is a great opportunity for you:

  • You want to work at 1DocWay because you’re interested in the fast-paced world of start-ups. So trust us to provide you with proper guidance to help you advance in your career.
  • 1DocWay will provide you with the right hands-on learning opportunities that will help give you a competitive edge early in your career. No two days are the same, so expect to learn a lot.
  • You wish to build an impactful career and solve interesting problems
  • We’re fun and we work in SoHo. You will have a great time!

What we’re looking for:

  • Individuals with a desire to work at a fast growing health-tech company. Strong problem-solving and analytical skills. Experience in managing projects, delivering on deadlines and a strong attention to detail. Excellent communication (verbal, written, and presentation) and interpersonal skills (outgoing and personable).
Location: New York, New York
Job Type: Full Time
Function: Information Technology